Mar 8, 2014

Beatallica 12/03/2011 Cobra Lounge

So here at BeatalliCAST we have not posted a new "bCAST" in a while... well we have been busy heshers,
and also trying to dig up new exclusive stories etc...well, we feel that we should rectify that by putting up 
the LAST LIVE show that Beatallica did in the good ol' US of A!
We have played a few tunes from this show before...but sit back and crack a fresh brew and enjoy 
BEATALLICA LIVE from the Cobra Lounge-- Chicago, IL [Dec 3, 2011].
Here, from our archives, is the only poster made for that show---
Masterful Myster Tour
Got to Get You Trapped Under Ice
Please Please Me or I’ll Beat You
Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band
And I’m Evil
Running for Your Life
Come Through the Never
The Thing That Should Not Let It Be
Fuel on the Hill
For Whom Michelle Tolls
Hero of the Day Tripper
The Battery of Jaymz and Yoko
Hella Day for Holiday [*MurphDawg shout outs]
Ktulu (He’s So Heavy)
Anesthesia (I’m Only Sleeping)
Hey Dude
While My Guitar Deathly Creeps
A Garage Dayz Nite
Stay Hesh,
Hair VVeber and MurphDawg
Listen Now:

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